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2008 onwards

Work is ongoing and we need your support - check out our rebolted routes database!


Celluloid Hero at Brooyar, new rap station added to eliminate dodgy anchor (falling down tree)
. Work undertaken and funded by QUT Cliffhangers.

Plenty of trackwork undertaken at the Pulpit (private land) this year in the construction of new steps in the back wall area to stabilise the steep, rocky ground and minimise erosion.


SCQ is still active and we still need your support! Lots of work has been happening. Standing Room Only (rebolt - $75.00), Arrow (lower-off), Pterodactyl (rebolt and lower off - $79.00), Pterodactyl D (rebolt),
Trojan (rap station replacement - $30.00), Idiot Wind (rebolt and lower-off - $102.50), Brisbane Bitter (rebolt - $102.50). Thanks heaps to UQRC who raised $500 and funded much of this work. Read how to donate here.


Heaps more has been happening over the winter months. Work has been undertaken on Brisbane Bitter (new anchor), Yellow Brick Road (new anchor), Bouncy Castle (rebolt), Looking For The Sun (rebolt) and Pass The Bosch (rebolt).

Since we started about nine months ago, Safer Cliffs Queensland has funded over $400.00 of rebolting. Thanks for your donations!

Thanks to more hard work in the Queensland's summer heat by the Safer Cliffs Queensland crew and your donations, the following routes have been rebolted:

1. Dysentry (17) - ringbolted, plus lower-off
2. Dysentry DF (19) - ringbolted, plus lower-off
3. Moonlight Fantasia (19) - carrot replaced with ringbolt
4. Brisbane Bitter (24) - not rebolted, but a new clippable lower-off has been installed
5. Pig City (24) - rebolted with fixed hangers and a lower-off
6. Unnamed R of Pig City (22) - rebolted with fixed hangers and a lower-off

Is rebolting expensive? Hell yes! This work cost about $260. Help us out today - we're doing this for you!

Thanks to your continued support, Pommy Bastard (20) and Bombadil (17) have been completely re-fitted including lower-off stations! Bombadil now sports fantastic glue-in ringbolts. Work cost approx $100.00. The original bolts on Pommy Bastard were some of the worst to ever be removed from Kangaroo Point. Falling on one of these would have been unthinkable.


Kiwi (19) and Halva (16), two of the most popular routes at Kangaroo Point have been completely re-fitted. Work cost $106.60. Safer Cliffs Queensland currently receives roughly $4.00 a week in loose change in the Urban Climb donation tin. This is not enough to continue doing serious work - we need your help. Read how to donate here.


Thanks to your donations, Sunburnt Buttress is now re-opened! Thanks to the guys that did the hard work.

The guys have been very busy rebolting routes at Kangaroo Point. In the last week or so, the following routes have been re-done:

MOBS (20)
Plunging For Mudbunnies (19)
Chip A Holdaway (22/23)
Honed And Buffed (24)

See the Rebolted Routes Database for more information. To continue their great efforts, we need you to donate!

SCQ makes first purchase of 17 hangers for Sunburnt Buttress (over $50.00). Funded by your donations.

Pinnacle Sports July Newsletter publishes Safer Cliffs Australia article.

The aim is to fix Sunburnt Buttress by the end of July. Please donate!

Safer Cliffs Queensland website officially launched!

Discussions on regarding the dodgy bolts on Sunburnt Buttress. Climbers ask for donations to help fix the route.