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All the good work done by Safer Cliffs Queensland relies entirely on donations from everyday climbers like you!

Donating Money

  • THE BEST WAY! Electronic Funds Transfer (be sure to include your name in the transaction description)...
    • Account Name: Safer Cliffs Queensland
      BSB: 923-100
      Account Number: 17686750
      Bank Name: ING Direct
  • Since 2009 Urban Climb are kindly donating proceeds from the lockers. Thanks UC! UC have been responsible for donating 25% of the total funds SCQ have received since inception.

Donating Materials
Bolts, hangers, glue, glue nozzles, drill bits or rap anchors. Please contact us to arrange a pick-up, drop-off, or an address to send to.

Applying to use materials or money from the fund
If you are planning to rebolt a route, Safer Cliffs Queensland can help you. We will either supply materials, or fund your project. Contact us to discuss.

Suggesting a route that needs rebolting
Use the discussion forum. Or donate money and put the route name in the transfer description.


Pat Simon's regular transfer $10 a month
Ryan Matthewman's regular transfer $10 a month
Nathan Henderson $20
Tel Bodiam $50
Alexander Mougen $25
Pat Simon's regular transfer $10 a month
Vintage Caravan Monthly's regular transfer until June 2013 $20 a month
Urban Climb Regular support
Climbing Anchors 5 Fixe anchor sets
Tobias Worner $50
Mark Gamble $50
Tom Reid $100
Brent Cobb $50
Dave Reeve's multipitch training day $410
John Allen - KP Rebolting $200
Nathan Henderson $20
Pat Simon's regular transfer $10 a month
Lewis Templar $20
Melanie Lloyd $50
Mark Kingston $30
UQMC Boulder Comp $300
Dominic Lang $25
John Martin and Orla Gannon $100
John Nicholson $50
Robert McAloney $50
Dominic Lang (again) $25
Daniel Rogers $50
David Koochew UQ Ippy Climbers $50
Peter Ashenden $50
A J Taylor for Idiot Wind $50
"Vintage Caravan Monthly" - monthly recurring payment beginning Dec 2012 $20
Secombe $50
Lewis Templar (again!) $100
UQ Mountain Club $500
Climbing Anchors 100 stainless threaded ringbolts
James Falconer $30
Kingo $20
Tom Gallagher $20
Donations to SCQ from Clint's funeral $1,900 ($630 forwarded to Federation Mountain Rescue)
Pat Simon has set up a
scheduled funds transfer into the
Safer Cliffs account.
$10 a month
Phil Box Cliff Safety Workshop - all funds donated $1,020
UQ Mountain Club $500
K2 Base Camp, Fortitude Valley QLD $2,050.00 worth of fixed anchors. Big thanks to K2 for the wonderful support. Click here to see them & read more.
Charlie $100.00 (sponsoring The Great Devoid @ Brooyar)
Glenn Ferguson & Tim Rowe $150.00 (sponsoring Miss Kandy Kane & more @ Brooyar)
Bruce McDougall $70.00 (sponsoring Brooyar rebolting)
Ben Deasy $100.00 (sponsoring The Pioneer @ Brooyar)
Pete O'Halloran $100.00 (sponsoring Brooyar rebolting)
Chucky $100.00 (sponsoring Brooyar rebolting)
Andrew aka McLovin $40.00 (sponsoring Brooyar rebolting)
Aaron & Lara $100.00
UQ Mountain Club $500.00
Brisbane City Church Climbing Club $50.00
Matt Hunter $100.00
David Reeve $100.00
Bruce Schneider $50.00
Kilchester $60.00
Garry Saunders $100.00 (sponsoring Urbenville rebolting)
gmac $75.00 (sponsoring Urbenville rebolting)
Mick - MGPtothemax $50.00 (sponsoring Urbenville rebolting)
Mark Newton Gamble $100.00 (sponsoring Urbenville rebolting)
Matt Wilson $50.00 (sponsoring Urbenville rebolting)
Mario & Gail $150.00 (sponsoring Urbenville rebolting)
Reuben Phillips $50.00 (sponsoring Urbenville rebolting)
Brisbane Rockclimbing Club $300.00 (sponsoring Urbenville rebolting)
QUT Cliffhangers Rockclimbing Club $300.00 (sponsoring Urbenville rebolting)
Adam Mujaj $50.00 (sponsoring Urbenville rebolting)
Blake Turner $50.00 (sponsoring Urbenville rebolting)
Steve Hawkshaw ( $300.00 (hardware pledge)
University of Queensland Rockclimbing Club (climbers on the Bluies trip) $680.00
Phil Box ran a rescue course and
donated all funds generated!
University of Queensland Rockclimbing Club (climbers on the Bluies trip) $500.00
David Reeve $100.00
James Scriven $100.00
Mark Newton Gamble $100.00
Lester Joyce (again!) $50.00
Glen Foley (Rock Boy) sold the use of his SE QLD map
to Pinnacle Sports and donated it all
Vital Edge Hilti glue pack
Craig Marlow $50.00
Mark Hateley $25.00
qurank held a KP gathering with a
fundraiser for SCQ
Luke Foley $30.00
Michelle Chua, Simon Young,
Kevin Coleman
Hardware used on two routes
QUT Cliffhangers Raffle $432.00
John McTainsh $100.00
John McTainsh $100.00 (again!)
Lester Joyce $50.00
Duncan Steel $50.00
Erik Smits $20.00
Justin Burnside $50.00
Erik Smits $20.00
Phil Box ran a rescue course and
donated all funds generated!
Chris Moore has set up a
scheduled funds transfer into the
Safer Cliffs account. Now finished.
$10.00 a week
Kristian Watkinson (kcwat) $50.00
Adam Power (Ad) set up a
scheduled funds transfer into the
Safer Cliffs account - until July 05
$10.00 a fortnight

I'm glad you asked. Please review the Rebolted Routes Database to see how the money is being spent.